• 10/28/2014

    Our Newest Northside Project is Underway

    The City of Pittsburgh has experienced a remarkable renaissance in many areas. One such area is both bringing in and retaining people to work and stay close to the City.

    Resulting in this resurgence of jobs is the demand for living space as well. The Northside has become one of the "hotter" locations to live in and we take pride in our units there.
    Just north of Downtown Pittsburgh, Central Northside is a diverse community of businesses and residents that is surrounded by many of Pittsburgh’s entertainment and cultural facilities. Recent restoration efforts, spearheaded by community-based organizations such as the Northside Community Development Fund, have revived this prosperous community with development projects such as Columbus Square and the restoration of the Garden Theatre Block.
    The Northside Neighborhood features restored row houses, community gardens and tree lined streets and alleyways. One of such neighborhoods is the Mexican War Streets, named after battles and generals of the 1846 Mexican War. The neighborhood homes showcase Greek revival doorways, Gothic turrets, stained glass and Richardsonian stonework.
    The Northside is one of the most commutable and walkable areas of Pittsburgh. Locals can easily access comprehensive medical care at the Allegheny General Hospital. Additionally, residents can enjoy the arts at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre or Andy Warhol Museum, take a stroll through Allegheny Commons Park, or cheer on their favorite team at Heinz Field or PNC Park, all without any need for a car!


    Phase I – to be completed end of October
    These one bedroom apartments are located at 1210 James Street directly across from the AGH parking garage. Each newly renovated unit features the finest in apartment living - brand new kitchens, laundry, central Air, and over 1,000 sq feet of useable space.  

    Phase II – to be completed by 2015
    These three bedroom houses will be available for rent in time for the New Year. Located at 1209, 1211, and 1213 Ocala Street these units will boast the best anybody could request for their new home.  Each newly renovated unit features brand new kitchens, laundry, central Air, outdoor decks, and over 1,500 sq feet of useable space.  

    Phase III – to be completed Spring 2015
    Just in time for the flowers to arrive will be five newly renovated apartments. Located at 1204 and 1206 James Street these units will present a mixture of past and present.

  • 07/29/2014

    Operation "Mod Drop"

    The newest and nicest building in Oakland has generated quite a bit of buzz throughout the 'Burgh and it has been a blast for everyone to observe. 

    Up and over
    Day 1 began with a small amount of anxiety due to the wind and rain. A small crowd had gathered to watch including spaced out students not used to being up before 10am. The first unit landed softly to the delight and applause of the onlookers. 

    "I've never seen anything like this before." remarked Lindsay who resides in Robinson and graduated from WVU. "I always thought that building was from the ground up, not the opposite of that."

    A third unit is delicately placed into position

    Because of the weather, the construction crew thought it best to only drop down a third of the building and spread the process out over a three day period. Better safe than sorry certainly is the way to go. Putting together a puzzle of this magnitude is in no way child's play.

    This could be your kitchen and bedroom
    Day 2 went much smoother and appeared as though the crane operators had found their groove. 

    In between modular drops, AMO Management representatives gave personal tours of the individual set units. 

    Even the owners were wide eyed with the results.
    A second floor apartment awaits its other half

    A former Pitt student was shocked to show up after work and find an empty lot had become a building. "It's awesome to see how these apartments have been organized. My apartment was so disgusting. Students are going to be begging to live here once they see this!" 

    That has been the experience so far. Many students have already found housing for the upcoming year but these apartments are generating interest with young professionals looking to live close to the city. Only a few places are still available. 

    Contact 412-38-LEASE to take a tour. 

  • 07/23/2014


    AMO Management Replaces Fire Damaged Property with a Brand New Building

    In March of 2013, an apartment building in Oakland suffered a fire forcing two dozen residents to find housing elsewhere.  Less than a year and a half later the property will not only be ready for rental again, but will also boast upscale upgrades in every unit.  Among those upgrades will be state-of-the-art keyless entry systems, 46-inch flat screen televisions, video intercom system, a fully monitored security system with cameras, not to mention brand new appliances throughout.

    Floor plan for each apartment
    AMO Management has chosen to use modular units for the project meaning that the individual apartments are built in an offsite warehouse and set on the foundation over the course of only a few days. The modular construction approach utilizes “green” building principles such as a highly efficient building process and leaving less waste.  The building materials and unique construction also make the units energy efficient, which will drastically decrease tenants’ electric bills.

    Preparing the foundation for Module placement
    On Monday, July 28, 2014 a crane will set the individual module units onto the new foundation on Zulema Street.  What is just an empty lot today will be a brand new building by the end of next week. AMO Management has experience with this type of construction project after building 67 modular units at California University in 2010. Those apartments have experienced almost no maintenance issues since. 

    For additional information please email amo.elansokol@gmail.com and visit the website at www.amomgmt.com.  Also feel free to call 412-38-LEASE.

  • 07/03/2014

    Ten Tips for Renting the Right Home

    Pittsburgh has experienced a resurging renaissance and the demand for apartment living has increased accordingly. Due to the high demand for a decent home the competition is stiff. Here are some suggestions that will help you rise above the rest of the incoming market.

    1.     What are you looking for? Many prospects don’t know what they really want and then have unrealistic expectations of what that is. If you have a car then perhaps parking is of primary importance to you. If you are looking for a three bedroom unit in Shadyside with gorgeous granite counters, stainless appliances, and a Jacuzzi don’t expect to be paying less than $2,000 a month.
    2.     Location is key so know your neighborhoods. If you work in Bakery Square, finding something around the corner in Point Breeze may be worthwhile and more cost effective. If you are coming from California and are looking for a nice quiet neighborhood you may not want to live right off of Carson Street.
    3.     Setting up the Showing – If you see a place you really like jump on it! Assuming the best apartments rent out right away, don’t be that person who misses out on the perfect place because they waited for the weekend to see it. Also, many tenants such as students request NOT to have their unit shown during nights and weekends so they can do whatever it is that students do. A good leasing agent will be available in the early evening to give you a personal tour.
    4.     Technology is Tops! – The first places people look are Craigslist, Trulia, or Zillow. See what other online research can be found as well. Most Management Companies will provide useful information on their websites such as available units, ability to apply or pay online, and "Ten Tips for Renting the Right Home." 
    5.     Prepare for Paperwork – Now that it is no longer a renter’s market, you may want to consider that many other renters will also be aggressive in their search. On average we show each unit three to five times before it is taken. If you find a unit you like and CAN SEE YOURSELF CALLING IT YOUR HOME, be ready to fill out the application, provide an ID, and deliver a deposit. Essentially you are wasting time if you cannot quickly come up with the funds to hold a place. 
    6.     Can you even afford the place? Most landlords request a tenant to make three times the amount their rent is going to be. It is a business and any smart owner is going to actively ensure they will be receiving their rent each month. Proactive tenants will understand that there are many bills associated with daily living. Credit card payments, student loans, cell phone bills, and utilities are as common as going out for a drink or catching a summer blockbuster. 
    7.     Be ready to answer important questions– The key to a good interview is ask questions in a conversation format. Here some common questions amidst a discerning discussion:
    ·       Why are you most interested in renting this unit? Any answer involving desperation may suggest you will be miserable and thereby make your landlord miserable throughout your rental term.
    ·       Where are you living now and why are you looking to move? “I hate my landlord, we fight all the time” is not going to be received well.
    ·       What kind of environment are you looking for? If you plan on hosting parties or enjoy playing the drums at night you may not want to live in a building with small children. The same thing goes for the opposite end of the spectrum – if you are an engineering student with an intense study schedule you may not want to live next to a frat house in South Oakland.
    8.     Be ready to ask important questions – Remember, as much as a landlord is interviewing you, you’re interviewing them too. Feel free to ask about their maintenance procedures, neighbors, costs of utilities, and other important details regarding your tenancy. There is nothing wrong with a leasing agent not knowing an answer to one of your questions as long as they make an attempt to get that information to you at some point.
    9.     Be Up Front – Any decent Landlord is going to check into you. Bad credit, history of eviction, caught doing something criminal, or even getting a bad reference from your most recent landlord will hurt your chances. Misrepresenting yourself or trying to hide something will lose any chance you may have had.
    10.  Make a good impression– If a potential tenant looks like their life is a trainwreck, they most likely will be overlooked for a more professional prospect. 

  • 01/14/2014


    Property Management Done Right.

    Owning property is both a rewarding and accomplished feeling – managing your property is another story. Whether you have a day job, are retired or just want to spend more time doing the things you love, overseeing the management of your investment property is probably not a top priority.

    That’s where we come in.  We are a full service property management company that is here to save you time and hassle by handling all aspects of managing your rental property.  Our property management services include:

    Marketing your rentals on multiple platforms
    Performing background checks
    Dealing directly with prospects
    Handling maintenance and repair issues
    Collecting rent
    Responding to tenant inquiries
    Providing professional statements and financial reports
    Taking legal action when necessary

    When your property is under our management, you can rest assured knowing your investment is protected. We do the work while you sit back and collect your hard-earned revenue.

    Please call us for more information and visit our blog for updates regarding available rentals and community news & events in your area.

    Thanks for stopping by!